Drum Anchor Winches - Viper S and Maxwell

Huge Drum Winch range including the Viper S Micro series, the Viper S Pro Series II 1000W and 1500W range, the Viper S FREEFALL Rapid Gravity range, plus the Maxwell Tasman range. Also loads of drum winch accessories and installation hardware.

Drum Winches are mounted entirely above the deck (or often partly in an anchor well).
They are popular with trailerboat owners, as there is often not enough room under the deck to allow rope and chain to fall and stack.

On a drum winch the rope and chain wraps around the drum instead of falling below the deck. 
Large choice of Drum Winches and accessories below - either power up/power down models , or alternatively, power up/freefall down (such as the Viper Gravity Feed models).