Bennett BOLT 12V Electric Trim Tab Kits

Bennett BOLT electric 12V trim tab kits are for trailerboats (not moored craft)
You will need a BOLT trim tab plane kit and a BOLT Control Kit

How to Choose the correct BOLT Trim Tab Kit for my boat?

First choose the trim tab plane kit (the largest that will fit) there is a choice of two:

  • BOLT 12" x 9"  BOLT Trim Tab Plane Kit - 12" Span (Width) x 9" Chord (for and aft)
  • BOLT 12" x 12"  BOLT Trim Tab Plane Kit - 12" Span (Width) x 12" Chord (for and aft)

A Control Kit is also needed - as there is a choice of four, the control kits are are sold separately:

  • Bennett BOLT Plain Rocker Control Switch Kit - (499/BRC4000)
  • Bennett BOLT Non Indicator Helm Control Switch Kit - 499/BCN6000 
  • Bennett BOLT Helm Control Switch Kit with EIC Indicator - 499/BCI8000
  • Bennett Auto Trim Pro Control Kit  - Auto Trim Helm Control - 499/AP000A1BC 

There is more detail and information under each individual kit below.