Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits

Which Hydraulic Trim Tab Sports Kit M80 or M120 and Which Control? 

Whilst we offer multiple trim tab types, I prefer these hydraulic kits – don’t be put off by the installation - the “bleed” they refer to is not hard, as it happens automatically - you just hold down the helm switch.

1. Select the trim tab size for your boat:
Bennett Hydraulic Sports Trim Tab kit sizes:

  • The M80 Sports Kit Trim Tab for boats 4.8 to 6.0 metres  - Tab size  8" x 10"  (Width (span) x Length (chord))
  • The M120 Sports Kit rim Tab Planes  for boats 5.5 to 8.0 metres - Tab size  10" x 12" (Width (span) x Length (chord)

2. Select a control type - both the above kits have four control choices:

  • Euro Rocker Control - Plain Control
  • ATR- Auto Tab Retract
  • EIC - Electronic Indicator Control - (lights on the helm control show both tab positions) and it  includes Auto Retract too!
  • Auto Trim Pro - Auto Helm Control (Includes Auto Retract and EIC)

If in doubt, I recommend the EIC model, as it is the easiest to use, and it also includes the Auto Tab Retract which safely retracts trim tabs when the igntion is turned off.
3. Lastly, check there is room on your transom to mount the trim tab planes, and also room for the actuators.
These hydraulic kits are boxed as complete kits which include the tabs, the controls and all hardware.