Trim Tabs

Why Use Trim Tabs?

Trim tab kits are used by experienced boatowners to get the best boat performance, no matter what the load, speed, or sea conditions.

  • A well trimmed boat will use less fuel and run smoothly accross the top of choppy water rather than pounding up and down.
  • Trim tabs will help a boat plane at a lower speed (conserving fuel) and will reduce porpoising. 
  • Trim tabs kits such as the electric or hydraulic trim tab kits can also correct a boat's list (side to side lean or imbalance) whilst the boat is running.

Explaining the Different Types of Trim Kits - Electric trim tabs versus Hydraulic Trim Tabs and Foils Vs SLT Tabs

How to Choose Which Trim Tab Type is Best for your Boat.

  • Foils - attach to the cavitation plate on your boat's outboard/inboard (below the waterline above the propellor) - they are basic and fixed in one position but they do help a boat get up on the plane. The do not have any controls and cannot correct a boat's "list" (side to side lean).
  • SLT Self Levelling (Fixed) Kits - economical and the two tabs are e asy to install on the boat's transom but as they have no controls. They can be manually adjusted (on shore) but are generally left in one fixed postion. They are for small inflatables and small tinnies only.
  • Electric BOLT Trim Tab kits - are for trailerboats only - not for moored craft -  you will need both a trim tab plane kit and a control kit. (Sold separately).
  • Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits - are for either trailerboats or moored craft - they come as one complete kit (with all the tabs, controls and hardware supplied). There is a choice of trim tab sizes and also control types.

Both Electric Trim Tab Kits and Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits offer terrific control - the boat will get on the plane quicker, you can trim the bow up or down, and importantly you can correct a boat's "list" (when the boat leans to one side).

There is more detail and explanation under each of these four kit categories below.

Browse the following information, if you are still unsure or need advice contact us at Boat Gear Australia (by phone or email).