Hydrive Commander Outboard Boat Hydraulic Steering Kit COMKIT-1 (Standard Version)
Complete Kit - Suits Most Single Outboards up to 200HP.

Driving a boat with hydraulic steering is so much nicer than boats with the push pull steering systems and it is possible to upgrade to a hydraulic steering kit.

This Hydrive Commander COMKIT-1 (Standard Version) Outboard Hydraulic Steering Kit  includes:

  • Model 501 Helm
  • Model 511BH cylinder
  • 2 litres of ULTRA-15 hydraulic fluid
  • 15Mtrs of 3/8” OD Nylon hi-pressure hydraulic tubing
  • Bleeding Kit
  • All fittings to suit
  • Installation Manual

Explaining Which Kit To Use


For smaller outboards, side mount kits (Sports Kit models - where the cylinder attaches to one side of the outboard) are cheaper and easier to install but are much more prone to getting accidently damaged.
Conversely, BULLHORN steering kits (such as this one) are by far the most popular steering system for outboard motors as they are compact but robust, and require a minimum amount of clearance in an engine well.

Before you change the steering system in your boat but you do need to check that there is enough room for the cylinder to fit by the boat's transom, and that it is able to tilt without hitting the boat's motorwell - see the dimensional diagram and example "How to Measure" picture attached.

The main differences between differently priced hydraulic steering kits are the quality of the materials used in the cylinder and helm pump. 
Hydrive is a very reputable, long established Australian brand that is exported  world wide.

Hydrive's two main types of trailerboat bullhorn kits are:

  • This  cheaper Hydrive Commander range (the COMKIT models) which utilise a state-of-the-art aluminium cylinder design, with unique electrolytic insulation between metals for maximum corrosion resistance. 
  • The superior Hydrive Admiral Series OBKIT models which offer the strongest and most corrosion resistant steering cylinders on the market. There is no equivalent of these cylinders available from any other manufacturer. Instead of the traditional anodised or coated aluminium cylinder barrels and tiller connections, the Admiral Series cylinders use high quality marine grade brass tubing for the barrels, solid brass end-caps and stainless steel tiller arms and connections. All brass components are further protected by Chrome plating for a high class finish that keeps the steering cylinder free from corrosion and pitting.

Lastly, There are three versions of both the COMKIT bullhorn style, and three versions of the OBKIT1 bullhorn style - the only differences between these three versions is the connecting bracket - the height of the steering kit's bracket which attaches to the the outboard's drag link.

PDF Download: 

Don't worry if you are not sure exactly which steering kit to use Boat Gear Australia can identify the correct one for you - just call or email us. You will need to know your outboard's brand, horsepower, year and whether it is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke, and ideally the band and model of your boat.


Hydrive Commander Outboard Steering Kit COMKIT-1

  • Model 501 Helm
  • Model 511BH cylinder
  • 2 litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15Mtrs 3/8” OD Nylon tubing
  • Bleeding Kit
  • All fittings
  • Installation Manual
  • Packed weight 15Kg

Boat Gear Australia can easily ship this steering kit Australia wide. Usually ships the same day.

SKU 990140
Model # COMKIT-1 (Std)
Brand Hydrive
Shipping Weight 11.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.680m
Unit Of Measure Kit

A 2 Year Warranty is offered from Hydrive (Hydrive Engineering P/L is a very reputable Australian company).

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